• Posted on: 10 September 2016
  • By: Admin


1. Is this a full day or half day session?

This is a full day session.

2. Can I join this session on my phone?

At this point, all you need are a webcam, a microphone, and Mozilla Firefox, so I think you can. I'm still testing the online meeting space, but have not yet gotten around to checking smartphone capability. I also don't have access to an Android phone, so I won't be able to test on the Android platform.

To be safe, you might want to have a backup computer to use. Besides, holding a phone up to your face can get tiring after a while.

3. What program are you using for this session?

I am using Adobe Connect.

4. Will I have to install anything to join this session?

Just the Mozilla Firefox browser, and possibly update your Flash settings on your computer (free and easy to do).

5. Why do I need the Mozilla Firefox browser?

We need this browser because the meeting software requires the use of Adobe Flash. Flash doesn't work in Chrome. You can run the test setup to see if it will work on your browser, but please be aware that you will likely need Firefox.

6. Will Firefox work on a Mac/Apple computer/Linux/something other than Windows computer?

Yes! Firefox is available for all types of systems. Check out their website.

6. I don't have a webcam. Do I really need one?

You can join without a webcam, but it would be a bit unfair if you can see everyone else, but they can't see you. If you have concerns about using a webcam, please contact me.

7. I don't have a microphone, or I'm pretty sure I don't have a microphone. Do I really need one?

If you don't have a microphone, you won't be able to talk to me or anyone else in the meeting. It will be very difficult for you to communicate. If you have a reasonably modern laptop or have an iPad or tablet, chances are good you have a built in microphone.